music teacher

There’s an old saying that those who can; do, and those who can’t; teach. That is definitely not true in the music world. Most established or semi-established musicians give back by teaching others the instruments they play. Whether it be in a school, during workshops, or on a podcast people who play music want to give those who are learning the benefit of their knowledge.

Even musicians on the same level learn from each other. Some that play the guitar may want to switch musical genres, and need guidance from their peers on how to make the transition. As people get older, their musical tastes change, and some want to move on to another form. It may be that their values or feelings change, or it may be that they just want to try something new. So they seek out others who are skilled in what they are trying to do to help them along the way.

I was privileged at one time to work for a lighting company, and we did a lot of stage lighting for concerts. I spent a lot of time backstage and would always see people from different bands talking and playing together and sharing musical ideas. It’s funny that even famous musicians have their heroes that they look up to. So when they meet their idols face-to-face, they are always looking to learn something that they can take with them.

The wonderful thing about the musical business is that there is very little competition. Bands and singers have their own style, so they do not mind sharing what they know with others. There is no feeling that someone will take what they know and use it to get ahead of them. In fact, every music store is riddled with CDs that are collaborative efforts from various artists. They gathered to honor one of their own who may have passed away, or to raise money for a common cause which they all believe in. They share the stage and their music with their peers without any hesitation.

musicians working together

Some even go online to teach others. Jon Kois, a heavy metal drummer built an entire website to help people learn drums online. They are video lessons that a student could join for a small membership fee. Many other artists have gone the same route to reach a larger audience. These days you can learn the drums, guitar, or any other instrument you could imagine simply by turning on your computer. When people in artistic endeavors master their craft there are more than happy to share their experience with others, and contribute to the cause that gives them inspiration.